University Libraries offers fall webinar series on “Research and Applications” starting Sept. 20

Posted on September 12, 2022

Foust Building

UNCG Libraries presents a webinar series on “Research and Applications.” This webinar series is for UNCG students, staff, faculty, instructors, and librarians. The series will cover topics on library resources and research tools. These webinars are all 30 minutes and are hosted in Zoom.  Once participants sign up, they will get an email with link to the session the day before the webinar.

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“Publishing Support in the University Libraries” by Anna Craft, Tuesday September 20th at 11am

Is academic publishing part of your job, or part of your future career? This session will help you understand the areas of publishing support from the UNCG University Libraries–particularly in the area of open access–including financial awards and discounts for publishing open access articles and support for creating open access journals. We’ll also offer information on additional scholarly publishing funding and award opportunities available on-campus and off, and we’ll answer your questions about publishing support at UNCG.

“Intro to Twine” by Maggie Murphy, Tuesday October 25th at 1pm

Twine ( is a free, open-source tool for making interactive fiction, computer games, and new media art that can be shared or published as HTML files. Twine stories are text-based and do not require any programming knowledge to create, but can be customized with CSS and JavaScript as well as integrate images, video, and sound. This webinar will provide an intro to Twine, demonstrate the Twine editor (both browser and desktop versions), and explore a range of options for pedagogical and creative scholarship applications.

“Streaming Video: What Platforms Do the University Libraries Offer?” by Christine Fischer and Anne Owens, Tuesday, November 15 at 11am

Faculty are increasingly using streaming video in course assignments and instruction. The UNCG University Libraries subscribe to platforms that offer feature films, documentaries, and other streaming resources. Let us introduce you to — or remind you about — streaming content that we can provide. Hosted by Christine Fischer, Head of Technical Services, and Anne Owens, Acquisitions Specialist Technician.

“Research Data Management Planning” by Lindsay Gypin and Lea Leininger, Wednesday November 30th at 2pm

In January, the NIH will require data management plans (DMP) from their grantees. Whether you’re applying for a research grant that requires a DMP, or just curious about strategies to effectively plan for and organize the research data that you collect, you’ll benefit from this workshop. It will cover strategies and tools for effective research data management and planning.

“Helping students think about how they learn: Integrating Habits of Mind into classroom teaching” by Jenny Dale, Thursday December 1st at 11am

In this webinar, you’ll learn about Costa and Kallick’s 16 habits of mind. These habits do not refer to specific skills or behaviors, but to dispositions that we can help our students develop that facilitate deep, reflective learning. Specific classroom examples will be shared, and participants will be encouraged to consider ways to integrate these habits of mind into their own practice

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