The College of Arts & Sciences represents the breadth and depth of intellectual opportunity at UNCG. The major contributor to the University’s general education curriculum, our faculty teach 50% of all credit hours. With 25+ departments and programs, we are UNCG’s largest and most diverse academic unit.

Our mission is to promote discovery and learning by students and faculty in the sciences, humanities, arts, social sciences, and mathematics. Our breadth of study, commitment to diversity, and cutting-edge research create a big impact on the world around us.

Firmly grounded in a tradition of rigorous inquiry, CAS encourages interdisciplinary scholarship and teaching. We are dedicated to the liberal arts mission of higher education, which is to develop the skills and knowledge needed by citizens of a free and just society.

Who We Are

Meet our Dean

“No matter where your career takes you, it will be important to remain flexible and confident of your ability to succeed throughout your working life.”

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Learn by doing

We offer a wide range of degree programs with over 250 programs of study.

Our Departments & Programs

Diversity & Inclusion

CAS aims to build an inclusive community by offering a variety of educational opportunities, disseminating related information, and promoting and co-sponsoring activities.

Diversity Initiatives