Offering face-to-face consultations and department workshops

Most instructors prefer to meet individually so that the time can be used most efficiently and be tailored to the specific needs of the course and instructor. If you would like to arrange an individual consultation, email me at, along with a short description of your course/project, and I will email you back to setup a date and time to meet in person.

Sometimes it can be beneficial for an entire department to attend a training or workshop together, or perhaps just the new faculty at the beginning of an academic year. The easiest time to schedule these sessions is often during the normal whole department meeting time. Some possible group workshop topics include: Canvas: Introduction, Canvas: Advanced Tools, Canvas Commons, Canvas: Mastery Paths, ADA in Canvas, Flipping Your Classroom, Open Education Resources (OER), and Strategies to Avoid Cheating/Plagiarism in Your Online Course. If you would like to arrange for a group workshop, email me at, along with a short description of what kind of workshop you would like and some possible dates and times that would work.

Occasionally I offer workshops open for registration to anyone within the College. These workshops typically have very low attendance because most instructors prefer to schedule individual meetings convenient to their own schedules. Therefore, I usually limit these broader, open workshops to Fall semester, when we often have new faculty trying to access as much training as possible, as quickly as possible. You can always check here to see if any of these workshops are scheduled, and if none are scheduled, just email me with your request:


Additionally, you can go to the main UNCG workshops listing to see what is being offered across campus each month. Workshop topics can vary but include: Banner training, WebEx, Qualtrics, Pcard, WordPress, and various human resources topics.


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