Message From The Dean

John Z. Kiss

Welcome to The College of Arts & Sciences at The University of North Carolina at Greensboro. We are the largest of the university’s academic units, with more than 25 departments and six interdepartmental programs that encompass the arts, humanities, social sciences, natural sciences, and mathematics. Through this diversity of offerings, the College provides an education that will give you the skills and knowledge needed for success in the complex and changing world you will face after graduation.

No matter where your career takes you, it will be important to remain flexible and confident of your ability to succeed throughout your working life. Employers are interested in people with flexible skills and a wide-ranging, multidisciplinary perspective. This is just what the College of Arts & Sciences has designed its curriculum to provide. The 21st century world may be full of unexpected challenges, but your experience here will prepare you to embrace those challenges as well as the opportunities they bring with them.

There are a number of ways in which faculty and staff guide your intellectual development so that you can succeed in your studies and prepare for the wide variety of career paths that will be open to you. We emphasize, for example, strong writing and speaking skills, critical thinking, international understanding, research and other “hands-on” experience. As you gain deeper knowledge in your major, you’ll be encouraged to also explore electives across a variety of subjects. Therefore, becoming conversant in more than one field is another important benefit of your time in the College.

Across all of the College’s academic programs, our renowned faculty members share a deep commitment to advancing discovery and learning; they bring that commitment both to classroom settings and to hands-on experiences such as research and internships. Your professors will be accomplished researchers, scholars, and artists, many with national and international reputations. At the same time, they are enthusiastic and dedicated teachers. Whatever the setting, their teaching and mentoring is informed and enlivened by their personal involvement in discovering new knowledge, exploring new artistic forms, or applying the results of research in new contexts.

I invite you to explore the College and what a learning experience here might mean for you. Each of our departments and programs has its own web site. You’ll find that by maintaining strong programs of research and scholarship, the College faculty work to advance our understanding of fundamental problems facing society today. You, too, will be able to use the knowledge and skills you learn here to succeed in the paths you take after graduation, enriching your own life while contributing to society.

John Z. Kiss, Ph.D.

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