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Programs and Services

Provided by the CAS Office of Research:

Experimomentum Digital Newsletter
An occassional digital newsletter sharing research administration updates, trainings, grant opportunities, and internal and external award opportunities. CAS faculty are automatically subscribed but may opt out.
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Research Funding BLAST! Digital Newsletter
A more or less monthly digitial newsletter sharing internal and external funding opportunities.
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Submission 2.0
This four-week program helps faculty take a previously unsuccessful NIH or NSF research proposal and improve it for resubmission! Participants form a cohort and learn together how to strengthen past proposals by addressing reviewers’ critiques. Each participant receives $1,000 in professional development funding upon completing the program and another $1,000 upon resubmission of the proposal. Contact Dr. Amy Adamson, Associate Dean for Research, ( to learn more.

Proposal Development in Cayuse SP
All proposals for external grant or fellowship funding must go through UNCG’s Cayuse SP system. Our office can help you navigate that system. When you are ready to begin a proposal, let us know by submitting our CAS Intent to Apply form. After submitting the form, you will be contacted by Chad Fogleman, the Pre-Award Grants Administrator ( Chad can start a Cayuse proposal form and work with you to collect or draft required documents — including a proposal budget and budget justification. When the proposal is ready, it is routed through Cayuse for departmental and CAS approvals, then reviewed by the Office of Sponsored programs. If OSP requires revisions, we can help. Learn more.

Proposal Advising and Research Support
Contact Dr. Amy Adamson with questions about particular grant programs, funding mechanisms, or internal policies. She is also available to discuss specific ways the College could support an individual’s or department’s research needs.

Post-Award Support
Contact Brittany Beckford with questions about post-award management ( Brittany also serves as the Post-Award Grants Administrator for the Biology and Chemistry departments.

CAS OOR also provides research funding to assist faculty:

Proposal Preparation Program (P3)
Provides up to $3,000 to support faculty members as they prepare an external funding proposal. Funds may support activities such as collecting pilot data, purchasing equipment, travel to archives, data analysis, or a consultant to evaluate the proposal. Apply at least 6 months before your deadline. Applications accepted on an ongoing basis. Apply now (Google Form)

Colleague to Colleague Proposal Review
Provides support for faculty members seeking proposal review assistance from an experienced research scholar in their field. This scholar may be from UNCG or an outside institution, but they may not be “collaborators” on the proposal. The reviewer will receive a $500 honorarium. Apply for review support at least 3 months prior to your deadline. Many faculty identify their own expert reviewer, but  if you need assistance contact Amy Adamson. Applications accepted on an ongoing basis. Apply now (Google Form)

CAS Scholars Travel Fund (CAS STF)
Provides up to $500 in supplemental travel funding to full-time, tenured or tenure-track faculty so they may present research, scholarship, or creative activity; serve as chairpersons;  participate as panelists; or contribute in other ways at scholarly meetings in the USA, Mexico, or Canada. Requires a $250 match, which may be met with departmental contribution, external funding, or similar sources. Apply for up to $500 per academic year. Applications accepted on an ongoing basis.
CAS-STF-Application (PDF)     CAS STF Guidelines (PDF)     CAS STF Application (Word)

CAS International Travel Fund (CAS ITF)
Provides up to $1,000 in matching funds for tenured or tenure-track faculty to travel internationally for research or conference presentations. Faculty on phased retirement are eligible for reduced match of $500. External grants or personal funds do not qualify as matching funds. Applications accepted on an ongoing basis. Please note: faculty seeking support from the ITF are subject to the University’s International Travel Policy, including the requirement to submit international travel plans for review by the University-Affiliated International Travel Review Committee. Faculty must obtain travel approval in order to receive ITF support.
CAS ITF Application (PDF)      CAS-ITF-Application (Word)