CAS Policies on Research Assignments, Fellowships, and Off-Campus Assignments (PDF) (Updated October 2022)
This document describes CAS policies regarding faculty eligibility for fellowships, procedures for applying for fellowships, and the policies regarding supplemental salary support, research assignments, and off-campus assignments. Consult this document for guidance related to junior (pre-tenure) off-campus assignments (JOCA), course buyouts, and crafting fellowship budget justifications to include in the Cayuse SP system.

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Office of the Provost: Research Assignment Policies & Procedures (website)
CAS Fellowship Notification Form (PDF)
CAS Course Buyout Form (PDF)
OSP Applying to a Foundation Form (Google) if the fellowship is offered by a private foundation

The office of Contract & Grant Accounting partners with Principal Investigators, faculty, and staff to provide comprehensive post-award oversight and guidance to ensure external funds are utilized in a manner consistent with university, sponsor, state, and federal guidelines.

Selected Resources

All Contract & Grant Policies
Compensation beyond Contract for Faculty and EHRA Non-faculty Employees – Policy / Guidelines

See specifically:

  • Contract & Grant Policy 6 Participant Support Costs – explains who may be deemed as “participants” for (NSF) budgeting purposes.
  • Contract & Grant Policy 8 F&A Indirect Costs – details how F&A funds are allocated among the PI, PI’s department, and other units.
  • Contract & Grant Policy 13 Certification of Effort Reporting – governs effort reporting requirements. See also Procedure 13.

The UNCG Office of Research Integrity oversees institutional review boards and committees (IRB, IUAUC, IBC); manages or provides research-related trainings required to meet institutional and funder guidelines and regulations, including Responsible Conduct of Research (RCR) and Conflict of Interest (COI); and supports and oversees the Cayuse Human Ethics and Cayuse Outside Interests modules.

Selected Resources

Research Misconduct Policy
Research Safety Policies
External Professional Activities for Pay
Conflict of Interest Policies and Guidance

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