Using Respondus to Create Quizzes for Canvas

Respondus is a separate tool that you can download and use to create quizzes that can then be published to Canvas. The most popular fuction within Respondus is the ability to load a quiz formatted in Microsoft Word into Respondus and then upload directly into Canvas.

  1. To begin using Respondus, you must first download the tool and enter the correct password information (note that the password gets updated annually). The most recent installation file as well as the updated license information is found here:
  2. Here is the link for the complete Respondus User Guide:
    Pay particular attention to the section labeled in the table of contents as “Importing Questions to Respondus.” This section shows you how to format your questions in Word to successfully import the Word file into Respondus.
  3. Here is a short video demonstrating how to publish your file to Canvas:
    Publishing to Canvas from Respondus
  4. Quizzes created or uploaded into Respondus can also be exported as QTI files and then those files can be imported into a Canvas course. This is another way to get Respondus files into your course if you are having problems with the Publish to Canvas part of Respondus. Here is the link to the documentation:
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