UNC Greensboro

Dr. Kaira Wagoner Receives NEW Grant From Project Apis M.

Dr. Kaira Wagoner, a research scientist in the Department of Biology, has received a new $39,000 grant from Project Apis m. for her proposal, “Identification of hygiene-associated protein markers to improve selection for honey bee pest and disease resistance.” Project Apis m. is a non-profit that funds honey-bee research in … Continued

GES Professor Selima Sultana Honored as 2024 AAG Fellow

The American Association of Geographers has named Dr. Selima Sultana as a 2024 AAG Fellow. The AAG Fellows program applauds geographers who have made significant contributions to advancing geography. A professor in the department of Geography, Environment, and Sustainability, Dr. Sultana is the first UNCG faculty member to receive the … Continued

Class of 2024: Daniel Araya Dives Into Biology Research

Daniel Araya in cap and gown on UNCG campus

This Friday, May 3, Daniel Araya will join the Class of 2024 in UNC Greensboro’s commencement ceremony. Since his second year, the biology major has conducted biotechnology research in Dr. Ayalew Osena’s lab as a prestigious National Institute of Health (NIH) MARC fellow. His research has been actively supported by the Alice Ashton Bruton Endowment Fund and the MARC program.

Dr. Amanda Gale RECEIVES Grant from Interior Design Educators CoUNCIL

Dr. Amanda Gale (Interior Architecture) has received a grant from the Interior Design Educators Council (IDEC) for the project “Immersive Recycling: The Merging of Art and Audits to Encourage Behavioral Change.” The project is a collaboration with the University of Kentucky.


Dr. Nicholas Oberlies (Chemistry and Biochemistry) has received a new grant from the USDA Agricultural Research Service for the project “Harnessing fungal natural products for scalable and sustainable honey bee therapeutics.” The Oberlies lab is a collaborator on this USDA ARS project, which is funded by Project Apis m., a … Continued

UNCG Receives Historic $5 Million Grant to Launch Paid Internship Program for Humanities Students

Dr. Maura Heyn, Dr. John Kiss, Dr. Jennifer Feather, Dr. Heather Adams stand together and smile

The College of Arts & Sciences at UNC Greensboro has been awarded a $5 million grant from the Mellon Foundation to implement a five-year paid internship and educational program for humanities students called “Humanities at Work.” This landmark grant is the largest ever received by UNCG’s College of Arts & Sciences – as well as one of the largest in the University’s history.

Dr. Clifford Smyth Receives NSF Grant for Combinatorics Conference

Dr. Clifford Smyth, Professor in the Department of Mathematics and Statistics, has received a National Science Foundation conference grant to support the “Triangle Lectures in Combinatorics.” The three-year, $50,000 grant will fund twice-yearly gatherings of mathematics faculty and students from across the state. Each conference will feature four speakers who … Continued

Dr. Art Murphy Receives Award From NC DHHS to Continue “Recipe For Success”

Dr. Art Murphy, Professor in the Department of Anthropology, was awarded a new contract with the NC Department of Health and Human Services to continue funding the long-running “Recipe for Success” program. The one-year contract, for $1.04 million, will support the program’s on-going efforts to improve nutrition education in low-income communities in the region.