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Class of 2024: Katherine Wyrick Pursues Her Passion for Literature

Katherine Wyrick in cap and gown and holding T.S. Eliot book

On Friday, May 3, the UNC Greensboro class of 2024 will cross the commencement stage at the Greensboro Coliseum. Among this year’s graduates is English major Katherine Wyrick, a literature enthusiast with an exciting future.

Wyrick’s passion for literature and history will take her first to Florence, Italy — then Oxford, England — and finally, to a fully-funded master’s program in English at Wake Forest University.


Tiffany Tan in graduate robe in front of rows of books

When Tiffany Tan graduates from UNC Greensboro in May 2024, she’ll earn two degrees: a bachelor of arts in studio art and a bachelor of science in psychology, but doctoral studies are already on her horizon.

“I heard it’s unusual for students to get into a PhD program right after earning their bachelor’s degree,” says Tan, who is already accepted into the University of Kansas’s counseling psychology PhD program.


Three UNCG students converse in hallway with Professor Robin Maxwell

When students set their sights on medical school, veterinary school, or another health-related professional track, they’re in for years of studies, internships, and extracurriculars to prepare them for demanding careers. It’s a lofty goal that only a committed few can obtain, but at UNC Greensboro, students following these paths are finding unique guidance and opportunities that enable success in these rigorous programs.

Professional Studies Alum Makes ‘Somethin Outta Nothin’ in New Cookbook

Lorenzon in chef coat cooking with Jennifer Hudson on the Jennifer Hudson Show

Lorenzo Espada ’20 knew he wanted to be a chef since he was six years old: “I used to always watch cooking shows, while also learning from my mother and grandmother. Then I just started trial and error.”

That childhood aspiration has now become a reality with his first published cookbook, a massive social media following, and even an appearance on “The Jennifer Hudson Show.” Espada has found his way and come full circle, but one important stop on that journey was UNC Greensboro.

Pre-Dentistry Students Make a Shining Impact in Guatemala

Group of people in scrubs in Guatemala in front of mountains

Students who want to pursue a medical specialty, like dentistry, can find opportunities that not only give them real world experience in their chosen field but fill their desire to serve. Over the winter break, members of the UNCG chapter of VAW Global Health Alliance visited Guatemala to work in a dental clinic.

Communication Studies Alumna Goes to The Super Bowl

Dominique stands in coat in front of super bowl football field

Dominque Madruga ’15, a communication studies alumna, will get to see the Super Bowl up close this weekend. As an Emmy-award-winning senior talent producer for FOX Sports, Madruga has worked on several Super Bowl broadcasts, combining her passion for sports and skills in communication.


Bonnie Miller smiles in cap and gown

“To learn is not to know; there are the learners and the learned. Memory makes the one, philosophy the other.”“The Count of Monte Cristo” by Andre Dumas Bonnie Miller ‘22 has always aspired to be among the learned. At UNC Greensboro, she found a community that encouraged that mindset. The French and … Continued