Class of 2024: Katherine Wyrick Pursues Her Passion for Literature

Posted on April 29, 2024

Katherine Wyrick in cap and gown and holding T.S. Eliot book

On Friday, May 3, the UNC Greensboro class of 2024 will cross the commencement stage at the Greensboro Coliseum. Among this year’s graduates is English major Katherine Wyrick, a literary enthusiast with an exciting future.

Wyrick’s passion for literature will take her first to Florence, Italy — then Oxford, England — and finally, to a fully funded master’s program in English at Wake Forest University. She has been recognized within the UNCG English Department due to her exceptional academic performance, dedication to her studies, and passion for literature.

We asked Wyrick a few questions about her experience at UNCG and her plans for the future:

What are your plans after graduating?

Upon graduation, I will attend a month-long research program in Florence, Italy to study Florentine art history as well as Dante’s “Commedia.” Immediately following my time in Florence, I will attend the T. S. Eliot International Summer School at Oxford in England. In the Fall of 2024, after returning home from Europe, I will begin my master’s in English at Wake Forest University with a full tuition waiver and graduate assistantship.

What professor or advisor has made the greatest impact on you and why?

During my junior year at UNCG, I took an Introduction to Modernism course with Dr. Anthony Cuda. His course on Modernism quite literally changed the trajectory of my literary studies. Dr. Cuda played an integral role in helping me apply to graduate programs this past fall and I cannot imagine having navigated such a difficult time without his support. Dr. Cuda not only helped me to find my true literary passion, but he has continued to challenge me to exceed beyond my limits inside and outside of the classroom. 

Were you involved in any club(s) or activities on campus?

During my time at UNCG, I’ve been a part of the Ashby Residential College and the Disciplinary Honors English Program. Additionally, I became an active member of the University Marshals in Spring 2022 and have volunteered at many campus events as a part of this organization. Lastly, I’ve spent the last two years working in UNCG’s Writing Center

What advice would you give to a new student who is pursuing the same career path as you?

While career-searching is a long way off for me, I want to offer a bit of advice for students who are pursuing graduate school. When it’s time for you to consider post-graduate studies, don’t just think about what school will be the most impressive to attend, but think about where you will be happy. It is easy to apply and commit to schools because of their popularity or the power that their degrees hold, but it is important to remember that graduate school is just another phase of your life, and you must choose a place where you will be happy. At the end of the day YOU are the one attending graduate school, so your happiness is the most important thing to consider!


Graduate Commencement: May 2 at the Greensboro Coliseum
Undergraduate Commencement: May 3 at the Greensboro Coliseum

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Three masters graduates pose for a selfie in cap and gown.

Compiled by Kennedy Childs and Elizabeth Keri, College of Arts & Sciences
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