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IMPORTANT: Canvas Users, Please Read

Important: If you use quizzes in Canvas, please read this entire message because big changes are coming. Winter and Spring Course Shells ITS plans to create the Winter and Spring semester course shells in Canvas on November 18th. By November 19th at the latest, you should see your course shells … Continued

Welcome Back! Fall Semester Updates

Canvas Course Template I have created a Canvas Course Template and uploaded it to Canvas Commons. Instructors can import this template as a way to quickly get started building their online course. It contains example syllabus information as well as a sample first module (with assignments) that can be edited … Continued

Zoom Updates, Including Live Transcription

Zoom releases updates frequently. It is important to manually check for updates regularly; don’t rely on Zoom to prompt you with updates. There have been many updates and features added to Zoom over the past few months. Note that some of these features are still in BETA. The following video … Continued

Zoom Recordings

Near the end of Fall semester, ITS announced that our server storage space for Zoom recordings was almost full. We do not have unlimited storage for Zoom and it is filling up too quickly. ITS has now implemented a policy that ALL ZOOM RECORDINGS WILL BE DELETED AFTER 30 DAYS. … Continued

Incompletes and Canvas

Many instructors are faced with having to give some students an Incomplete in their courses. If you find yourself in this situation and need to allow a student to complete a course after the semester ends, there are three ways to address this in Canvas: Extend Course Dates: If students … Continued

Updates: Canvas and Zoom

Canvas Course Shells Spring and summer 2021 course shells are now available in Canvas. If you don’t see your courses on your dashboard, you can: Click on the COURSES link in the blue left-hand nav. Scroll to the bottom of the list of courses and click the link to view … Continued

Zoom Updates, New Features

Zoom updates do not always happen automatically. It is important to regularly check for updates both so that you will be up-to-date on security and so that you will have access to the latest features. To update Zoom, launch your Zoom client. Then, click on your profile picture in the … Continued

Zoom: Student Access

I’ve heard from a few instructors this week whose students have had trouble accessing zoom recordings. Here are a couple of tips: When an instructor records a zoom meeting (scheduled via Canvas) to the cloud, the recording will automatically show under the tab for cloud recordings in the Canvas Zoom … Continued

Attendance Reports in Zoom

Did you know that you can run attendance reports for your Zoom meetings, whether scheduled through Canvas or through zoom.uncg.edu? Reports in Canvas In your Canvas course, click your left-hand Zoom link. Select the “Previous Meetings” tab: Click on the “Report” button located to the right of each meeting listed: … Continued

Creating Engaging Content in Canvas

Are you interested in learning how you can create more effective and engaging content in Canvas? Would you like to learn about some free tools that will help you create more dynamic content? If so, you can click this link to enroll in a Canvas course that will show you … Continued