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Posted on August 31, 2022

two women smile for camera
New faculty member, Dr. Elyssa Fenton, attends the College of Arts & Science's Beginning-of-the-Year Celebration with _______.
two women smile for camera
New faculty member, Dr. Elyssa Fenton, attends the College of Arts & Science’s Beginning-of-the-Year Celebration with Dr. Mariche Bayonas of the Languages, Literatures, and Cultures Department.


This 2022-23 academic year, the College of Arts & Sciences is pleased to welcome more than 30 new full-time faculty members. These professors bring a wealth of experience to the sciences, natural sciences, humanities, and mathematics.

Learn more about a number of our new faculty members:



woman in field

Kimberly Komatsu

Associate Professor, Florence Schaeffer Distinguished Scholar of Science
Specialties: Ecology: Impacts of human-caused global change drivers on our grassland, forest, and agricultural ecosystems around the world

woman in front of booksGwen Robbins Schug

Specialties: Bioarcheology: Using human skeletons to understand biocultural responses to adaptive challenges in the past 12,000 years, including climate change


Computer Science

woman with glassesRebecca Crellin

Specialties: Java programming and assembly language programming, computer organization, and hardware

man with facial hairAllen McBride

Visiting Assistant Professor
Specialties: Bio-inspired computing, artificial morphogenesis, swarm robotics

woman with glassesSunny Ntini

Specialties: Advanced data structures, algorithms, and software engineering

Asian man wearing glassesYingcheng Sun

Assistant Professor
Specialties: Information retrieval, natural language processing, machine learning with applications in clinical informatics, and data science



woman smilesEmma Boggs

English Lecturer
Specialties: Fiction, creative nonfiction

woman headshotCandace Chambers

Professional Writing Lecturer
Specialties: Writing pedagogy, composition studies

manPatrick Crowley

English Lecturer
Specialties: Contemporary Afro-Caribbean women’s decolonial aesthetic and cultural practices in literature, cinema, and philosophy

woman sitting crosslegged in a fieldRebecca Ethridge

English Lecturer
Specialties: Poetry, poetics of grief and illness

woman smilesGillian Perry

English Lecturer
Specialties: Creative writing, fiction, playwriting, rhetoric and composition


Informatics and Analytics

man headshot

David Bickel

Associate Professor
Specialties: Statistical methods of quantifying to what extent a given conclusion is supported by the evidence


Interior Architecture

black and white photo of womanKate Horton

Lecturer, Assistant Admissions and 1st Year Coordinator
Specialties: pedagogy in foundational design studios, instructional methods for creative classroom environments, co-design and community engagement methods, and strategies for putting mental health and wellbeing at the center of the design process

woman with short blonde hair smilesKista Mansell

Lecturer, Historic Preservation Certificate Coordinator
Specialties: Historic preservation, community revitalization, Main Street North Carolina Program


Languages, Literatures, and Cultures

woman with straight brown hair smilesJessica Bennett

Specialties: Spanish language, Hispanic culture

woman smilesElyssa Fenton

Director of Language Instruction for the Spanish Basic Language Program
Specialties: Phonetics, phonology, Spanish language

womanGuadalupe Salinas Fernandez

Specialties: Spanish language, Spanish culture


Yoko Kano

Specialties: Japanese language; Recipient of the Teacher of The Year at Southeastern Association of Teachers of Japanese (SEATJ) in 2020


Mathematics and Statistics

womanSadia Khalil

Visiting Assistant Professor of Statistics
Specialties: Sample survey methodology


Online Programs

Man in suit

David Bull

Academic Professional Assistant Professor
Specialties: Online learning, professional studies, creative leadership, systems thinking, design thinking, innovation and entrepreneurship

blonde woman headshotSarah Dunning

Academic Professional Instructor
Specialties: Online pedagogy, social presence in online environments, interpersonal communication, business communication, and public speaking



darkhaired woman with glassesAngela Bischof

Specialties: Nonhuman animals (their cognition and moral standing), philosophy of mind, ethics, metaphysics, and moral psychology



woman with light brown hair smilesJessica Caporaso

Specialties: Peer conflict resolution in children, developmental psychology


Yoojin Chang

Specialties: Influence of memory and experience on everyday decisions and judgements


Women’s, Gender, and Sexuality Studies

woman with glassesJ. Tiffany Holland

Specialties: Expansiveness and complexities of black and queer identities, the potentials of black liberation

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