UNCG updates Fringe Benefit rates

Posted on May 18, 2022

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UNCG’s Office of Sponsored Programs has updated the university’s fringe benefit rates as of May 17, 2022. The table below shows current fringe rates for different categories of faculty, staff, and students. According to OSP’s Budget Preparation page:

Fringe benefits include the cost of the University and State retirement programs, health insurance, group life insurance, social security, disability insurance, workmen’s compensation, and unemployment compensation.

  • Fringe benefits are a direct cost to a sponsored project, are clearly related to the salaries and wages to be paid, and are shown as a separate entry in the budget. Fringe benefit costs have been calculated based on historical data. The actual costs for fringe benefits are charged (billed) to the sponsored project at the time the costs are incurred. The amount charged is based on salary, selected benefit package, and other variables applicable to the individual employee.
  • UNCG’s fringe benefit rates are reviewed on an annual basis and adjustments to the rate will be made based on the claims incurred in past fiscal years. Changes in fringe rates typically occur between June and August. Additional information  and guidance can be found in Policy 9 of the Contract and Grant Accounting Policies and Procedures.
Fringe Benefit FY 23 Fringe Benefit Composite Rate
(updated 05/17/2022)
EHRA Faculty/Staff, Postdoc (>0.75 FTE) Composite Fringe 42%
SHRA Faculty/Staff (>0.75 FTE) Composite Fringe 48%
Students (enrolled/academic year) 0.5%
Students (non-enrolled/summer) and Temporary Employees 8.0%

The university also has a new F&A agreement document, though the rate (45.5%) has not changed.

Learn more about grant proposal budgeting here: https://cas.uncg.edu/research/resources/budget-basics/ 

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