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Dr. Kaira Wagoner Receives NEW Grant From Project Apis M.

Dr. Kaira Wagoner, a research scientist in the Department of Biology, has received a new $39,000 grant from Project Apis m. for her proposal, “Identification of hygiene-associated protein markers to improve selection for honey bee pest and disease resistance.” Project Apis m. is a non-profit that funds honey-bee research in … Continued

Class of 2024: Daniel Araya Dives Into Biology Research

Daniel Araya in cap and gown on UNCG campus

This Friday, May 3, Daniel Araya will join the Class of 2024 in UNC Greensboro’s commencement ceremony. Since his second year, the biology major has conducted biotechnology research in Dr. Ayalew Osena’s lab as a prestigious National Institute of Health (NIH) MARC fellow. His research has been actively supported by the Alice Ashton Bruton Endowment Fund and the MARC program.


Three UNCG students converse in hallway with Professor Robin Maxwell

When students set their sights on medical school, veterinary school, or another health-related professional track, they’re in for years of studies, internships, and extracurriculars to prepare them for demanding careers. It’s a lofty goal that only a committed few can obtain, but at UNC Greensboro, students following these paths are finding unique guidance and opportunities that enable success in these rigorous programs.

The Last Lecture with Biology Professor Dr. Bruce Kirchoff

Bruce Kirchoff headshot with "The Last Lecture" text

The UNCG Alumni Office’s “Last Lecture” series returns with UNCG Biology professor emeritus Dr. Bruce Kirchoff. Join us on Friday, April 5 for a career retrospective with reflections on Dr. Kirchoff’s work and research. Bruce will talk about how the groups we participate in shape our consciousness and influence how we see … Continued

Dr. AyAlew OSena Awarded new Grants FROM NSF AND NCA&T

Osena in the greenhouse with a student.

Dr. Ayalew Osena, an Assistant Professor in the Department of Biology, recently received 2 new grant awards. The National Science Foundation (NSF) awarded Osena a four-year, $818,000 grant for the project “Boosting Agrobacterium-mediated transformation efficiency in the orphan crop tef (Eragrostis tef) for trait improvement.” This project involves research at … Continued

Pre-Dentistry Students Make a Shining Impact in Guatemala

Group of people in scrubs in Guatemala in front of mountains

Students who want to pursue a medical specialty, like dentistry, can find opportunities that not only give them real world experience in their chosen field but fill their desire to serve. Over the winter break, members of the UNCG chapter of VAW Global Health Alliance visited Guatemala to work in a dental clinic.

UNCG Staff Member Featured on PBS’s ‘The NC Listening Project’

The NC Listening Project with empty chair

Imagine sitting around a conference table with seven other people from North Carolina who have different backgrounds and political viewpoints from you. Could you find common ground? Would you argue? Would you learn something?  This is exactly the situation in which Lee Griffin, UNC Greensboro biology research specialist, found herself during a weekend … Continued

Computer Science Colloquium By Dr. Jiangwen Sun

Dr. Sun headshot.

Join the Computer Science Department for this presentation in their colloquium series! Dr. Jiangwen Sun will present, “Impact of different loss functions in training DNN for understanding regulatory roles of DNA sequence in DNA methylation.” Functonal genomic events, such as DNA methylation, regulate gene expression by moderating chromatin state, playing … Continued