Research Assignment APPLICATIONS DUE tO DEPT HEADS on September 5

Posted on August 09, 2023

Tenured Faculty in the College of Arts & Sciences may now submit applications for a Research Assignment in the 2024-2025 academic year. The documents referenced below provide detailed instructions on how the applications must be prepared and describe the College’s review process. Please follow these instructions closely. If you have any questions about the preparation of your application, please contact Associate Dean for Research Amy Adamson.

Please note that according to Item 10 on page 5 of the CAS Policies on Research Assignments, Fellowships, and Off-campus Assignments: “Faculty who accept a JOCA under this policy must wait four years before they are eligible for the University’s program of research assignments for tenured faculty. That is, eight semesters must elapse between the end of a JOCA under this policy and the start of a Research assignment under the policy for tenured faculty.” This means that recently promoted Associate Professors who held a JOCA in Fall 18/Spring 19 are eligible to apply for a research assignment for 2023-24. If you have questions about the University’s Research Assignment policy you can access the policy here.

Completed applications must be submitted to your department head for review no later than Tuesday, September 5th at 5 PM.

Department Heads will submit the application along with their recommendation letter no later than Tuesday, September 19th

Applications will be reviewed by the College Committee on Research Assignments who will establish a ranking that Dean Kiss will use to determine his recommendations to the Provost. The number of Research Assignments that the Dean can recommend will be very limited this year due to budgetary constraints. The Dean also has asked department heads to provide most or all of the resources needed to support these research assignments. We look forward to the receipt of your applications.

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