Website Migrations

All academic department websites are planned for migration by the end of Spring 2024.

You (department website liaisons) provide me with updated content for your department,
which I use as a reference to build your new site with a fresh look.

Read about the Next Generation Web Project (NGWP) in the UNCG Technology Initiatives website.

Here are some pooled resources for your information:


The following resources can help you plan and set expectations. None are required.

*If you would like to use this, download a copy and work from that copy.

NGWP Training

  1. As part of the migration process, ITS requires training for all site editors. This two-hour, in-person training session is held in the Bryan building on a monthly or bi-monthly basis. Registration is required. After attending a training session, editors are granted access to their respective websites.

    Upcoming NGWP Training dates can be viewed here. Contact Craig Biles for more information.

2. Once you have completed NGWP training, you will have more familiarity with the new design blocks in our sites. However, there is a learning curve. I am happy to meet with you once a sizable portion of your website has been built in order to help you get comfortable with your site setup and share some tips and tricks for using the new design blocks.



Sarah Vetter

Contact Sarah Vetter, Webmaster for The College of Arts & Sciences

General questions and communication: [email protected]

To create a work ticket, please email your detailed request to me via [email protected]

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