Are Organizations Available in Canvas?

Posted on March 11, 2015

Please note: the following is taken from an ITS announcement about the availability/migration of organizations on campus.

There are several tools available for organizations at UNCG.

The LMS team is now creating organizations in Canvas. However, depending on the requirements of your organization, we are recommending other tools that might work better for you than Canvas.

If your organization is mainly used as an email distribution list, we recommend that you use Google Groups for your organization. Google Groups is functionally a moderated email list.  You can have a group created and then you can manage the list, either subscribing members or allowing subscriptions, allowing one way or two way discussion/posting, etc. Learn more about Google Groups at:

If your organization is mainly used for sharing documents, Google Drive or Box might be better alternatives. For more information, see: and The main differences here are that Google Drive offers unlimited storage and synchronous collaborative editing of documents, whereas Box has a 50Gb quota and is rated to store data classified by UNCG up to minimal, low and moderate risk.

If you use your organization as a website, Google Sites allow you to create a custom website which can be used to post material, including announcements.  Individuals can subscribe to the site, and thus receive notifications when the site has been updated. Learn more at:

If you do wish to have an organization in Canvas, visit this request form: A Canvas organization may work best for you if you want to maintain certain LMS tools such as discussion boards and quizzes/surveys.

For information about migrating your current Blackboard Organization, please visit our documents:

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