UNCG Students to Screen Short at Cannes Film Festival

Posted on June 27, 2017

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Sophomore media studies major Brendan Malone has yet to do his first in-school filmmaking assignment, but this month he’ll screen his short, “Foodie,” at one of the world’s most noteworthy film venues: the Cannes Film Festival.

In the fall, he wrote and directed “Foodie” in the span of a week as a part of the Campus MovieFest competition. It took three major awards at UNCG – the Audience Award, the Silver Tripod Award for Editing and the Jury Award given to four finalists.

But then came the big news. It was selected to be a part of the Campus MovieFest roster for Cannes 2017, as a part of the Short Film Corner program.

Malone will travel to the festival in southern France with the film’s producer, Alex Suggs, who is also a sophomore media studies major at UNCG.

“Foodie” is a character-based short about a man on a mission to get free food. He participates in a contest that promises a free plate of enormous food with a catch – it has to be eaten in one sitting. The protagonist collects a dedicated audience for his task, but isn’t so courteous to them when he begins to fail at his mission. (Picture food flying toward the onlookers, in the moment of defeat.)

Malone says that “Foodie” was a reflection of what his hectic daily filmmaking life felt like at the time – “free if you can finish it.” When his friends and family asked if they could help, he said, “I think I’ve got a place for you.” Malone’s father can be seen being hit in the face with a hamburger. His mother, School of Nursing professor Dr. Laurie Kennedy-Malone, can be seen as well in the crowd of bystanders.

When the time comes for Malone to make films as part of his academic studies, he certainly won’t object to that – he’s already connected with UNCG Media Studies professors Matthew Barr and Kevin Wells, who have given him feedback on scripts and advice on shooting.

But initiating and executing his own projects alongside his college courses has given him a distinct motivation.

“There are really no limits,” he says.

To watch “Foodie,” click here. To learn more about Malone and Suggs, read the full Campus Weekly story here.


Story by Susan Kirby-Smith, University Communications
Photography by Martin W. Kane, University Communications
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