UNCG has been awarded $999,943 grant from the NSF

Posted on January 24, 2017

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The National Science Foundation will support a collaborative effort proposed by faculty and staff within UNCG’s College of Arts and Science, School of Education and University Teaching and Learning Commons.

The project STAMPS: Science, Technology and Math Preparation Scholarships is serving the national interest by supporting academically talented and financially needy students, including minority, women and first generation college students, in their efforts to complete their college degrees in the STEM disciplines (Natural, Physical, Earth and Computer Sciences). The project is providing financial, academic, mentoring and advising support to talented students in the STEM disciplines to increase their retention rates and better prepare students for science and technology-based careers or for advance study in professional (e.g., medical, dental, pharmacy, graduate) schools. By doing so, the project is increasing the pool of talented individuals for highly skilled jobs or careers in science and technology. The project is also developing best practices on how to support and educate students for a skilled workforce which will be shared with other universities.

Project Personnel:
Stanley Faeth, PI – Dept of Biology and CAS Associate Dean
Ayesha Boyce, Co-PI – Educational Research Methology, SOE
Jeffrey Patton, Co-PI – Dept of Geography, CAS
Lee Phillips, Co-PI – Undergraduate Research, Scholarship and Creativity Office, UTLC
Lynn Sametz, Co-PI – Research and Instruction in STEM Education, CAS

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