Advancement Council

The College of Arts & Sciences Advancement Council provides an opportunity for alumni and supporters of UNCG’s College of Arts & Sciences to become better acquainted with the College’s programs and accomplishments and to use their influence and resources to promote its future success. The members of the Council serve as advocates for the College and assist the Dean in securing support for its programs of undergraduate and graduate education, outreach to the community, and faculty research, scholarship, and creative activity. Individual members of the Council may focus their efforts on specific programs or disciplines within the College, but agree that their first responsibility is to the advancement of the College as a whole.

The specific objectives of the Council are:

  1. To advise and assist the Dean in obtaining financial support for the College from private, corporate, and foundation donors.
  2. To advocate whenever possible for increased State support for the University and the College.
  3. To promote recognition of the College as the central academic unit of the University and to increase understanding of the key role played by the College in advancing all aspects of the University’s mission.
  4. To assist, where possible, in securing opportunities for College faculty to apply their expertise outside the University, such as consulting contracts, speaking engagements, and appointments to state and national committees, task forces, and commissions.
  5. To contribute in all other appropriate ways to increased recognition and support for the College and its faculty, students, and programs among alumni, corporate and foundation leaders, legislators, and influential members of the general public.

Advancement Council Members

Candy Bernard ’67 Sociology
Carolyn J. Brown MA ’87 & PhD ’91 English
Jason Caldwell ’03 Music Ed
Mrs. Oita Coleman ’82 Mathematics
Rev. Jill Duffield ’88 History
Gayle Fripp ’63 & MA ’69 History
Linda Hiatt (Chair) ’81 & MPA ’89 Health Ed & Public Affairs
Annelle Johnson ’75 & MEd ’77 English & Counseling & Development
Susan Seeker Jones ’78 Med Tech
Claudia Kadis ’65 History
Cathy Krinick ’75 Political Science
Elizabeth Richardson ’76 Latin
Genie Schwartz ’63 History