UNCG student drums up smiles on South Elm Street

Posted on June 21, 2018

video capture of student playing drums outside

GREENSBORO, N.C. – Sunny days are the kind of days Elijah Murphy dreams of.

“I love to play a drum set, however, I live in an apartment and can’t play in an apartment,” said Elijah as he set up on South Elm Street. “But I can play out here.”

Here amidst the constant din of the city sounds, he can drum till his heart’s content.

“I can play as loud as I want and as a long, as I want,” he said as he tries to keep a beat with a passing train. “It’s a competition with me and the train.”

Murphy is a full-time English student at UNCG and playing the drums gives him a break from his studies.

“I was actually inspired to do this by watching YouTube videos,” he said. “I was like if I ever get the chance to do this I want to and I got the chance to do it and so here I am.”

He says his uncle gave him the drums and he got a permit from the city.

“Best feeling in the world,” he says. “To see people smile, nothing better.”

Drumming up smiles and spreading some sunshine of his own.


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