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Great Conversation: Make-believe Everything You Read

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When interpreting another person, it is a good policy to try to interpret their words as charitably as possible. Dr. Adam Rosenfeld will lead an open discussion about the idea that engaging in a playful sort of make-believe is the best way to do this. What does that mean? Is … Continued

Colloquium in Honor of Prof. Michael Zimmerman

Philosophy colloquium schedule

This is a full day colloquium in honor of recently retired professor of Philosophy, Prof. Michael Zimmerman. Four speakers will present papers on topics from Dr. Zimmerman’s work, and he will respond. The event is free and open to the public.

Great Conversation Series – Are Games the Key to the Good Life?

A Game of Hero Quest.

Bernard Suits defined playing a game as the voluntary attempt to overcome unnecessary obstacles. A short talk by philosophy professor Derek Skillings, followed by open conversation, will explore the emerging field of the philosophy of games. What makes games a unique form of aesthetic expression? Can they provide the means … Continued

World Philosophy Day

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Come join faculty and students for a celebration of philosophy! Bring a photo and/or a quote from your favorite philosopher to share. Refreshments will be served. Join us in Moore Humanities & Research Administration Building (MHRA), Room 3501!

A Great Conversation: Is it Time for Humans to Live on Mars?

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As part of the “Great Conversation” series, Dr. Elliot Goodine, a UNCG philosophy lecturer, will present ethical considerations for and against the colonization of other planets. After that, he will open the floor for discussion. Free and open to the public.

5th Annual Public Republic

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Public Republic is an all-day public reading of the entirety of Republic, Plato’s famous treatise on Justice. Each of the ten books of this dialogue will be read out loud, preferably with dramatic flair, by volunteer readers. Everyone is welcome – those willing to read, those who would prefer to … Continued


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When Dr. Jeffrey Kaplan started posting his lectures on YouTube, he never expected them to become popular. The UNC Greensboro philosophy professor created the videos simply as supporting material for his own online courses. Yet popular they have become. Since he began posting them two years ago, his videos have … Continued