Dr. Sat Gupta (Mathematics and Statistics) received new funding from the National Science Foundation

Posted on March 23, 2020

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Dr. Sat Gupta (Mathematics and Statistics) received new funding from the National Science Foundation for the project “REU Site at UNC Greensboro in Complex Data Analysis using Statistical and Machine Learning Tools.”

The REU project aims to provide 10-week sophisticated training in Complex Data Analysis using statistical and machine learning tools to eight highly-motivated, nationally-selected undergraduates from Mathematical Sciences during summers of 2020 and 2022. The eight students will be divided into 4 to 5 research teams, each headed by a faculty mentor and supported by a co-mentor.

Intellectual Merit:
The focus of the training will be on complex data analysis involving topics such as high dimensional data analysis, subdata selection, machine learning, robust data analysis, and data confidentiality. The six mentors associated with the training have strong publication record in these areas, and five of them have strong experience in student mentoring. Emphasis during the training will be on both theory and applications. In addition to focused research in these specific areas, the program will offer participants a broad professional development training. As part of the training, students will undertake trips to major research centers in North Carolina such as SAS, SAMSI (Statistical and Applied Mathematical Sciences Institute), and the Joint School of Nano Science and Nanoengineering.The researchers expect that the research completed as part of this training will be of very high quality and will lead to journal articles and conference presentations, as was the case for the 2018 ASA REU program.

Broader Impact:
UNCG has a welcoming culture and specifically attracts women and minority students and faculty. Our aspirational target will be to recruit in the program at least 4 women, at least two minority students. The students will live in the same residence hall on campus so that they can develop a long-lasting network. The program will have plenty of social events (field trips, picnics, movies, bowling etc.) to foster team environment. The mentors will remain in contact with student participants even after the program is completed, as they did for the 2018 ASA REU students, and offer them continuous mentoring towards their transition to graduate school and overall professional growth. The program involves a good mix of senior and junior mentors so that the junior faculty gets an opportunity to learn the art of mentoring from senior faculty and be able to present a strong case for tenure and promotion.

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